In this course I'll be walking you through how to bake and decorate beautiful and tasty sugar cookies that are certain to wow! From my signature sugar cookie recipe, to rolling and cutting perfectly even cookies, and finally decorating them to perfection you don't want to miss out! So grab your favorite apron, pull up a chair, and let's get started!

Hi, I’m Ashleigh

There are two things I'm legitimately good at: decorating cookies and loving my family.

I have 3 awesome kids, a helpful husband, and a home-based cookie business. I discovered cookie decorating 12 years ago. Since then, frosting bags have been my favorite creative instrument.

I feel most myself when I am creating.

My biggest passion is my family, so when I can work creativity into mothering, by bringing cookies to the team or making Prom corsages, I’m fulfilled and happy! And I’m also a dabbler in cakes, flowers, sewing, woodworking, calligraphy, photography, digital design, planners, home decorating, paper crafting, and party planning.

If you are ready to take your cookie baking and decorating skills to the next level, just click the button below!